Sustainable growth.
Improving the world of work.

Innovation & growth requires knowledge and experience, and so for decades, the employees have been actively shaping the success of the company.

About „people in logistics“
active in countries
nationalities characterize the strength and diversity of the Hödlmayr Group
percent of the Hödlmayr team are drivers.
Grow sustainably

Foresight as the top priority for growth

Agility, speed and a sense of community have already brought Hödlmayr through several major crises. This means that those responsible act decisively and with a very clear focus on medium- and long-term issues so as to further advance the competitive advantage. New markets, investments and innovations are more up-to-date than ever before.

Shape together. Improving the work world.

Our activities & measures

Benefits for generations

Employee satisfaction is a prerequisite for retaining employees in the company in the long term. In addition to general benefits, Hödlmayr also offers specific additional benefits tailored to each generation.

Benefits overview


ISO 45001 certification

The key topics of occupational safety and health are also treated holistically within the Hödlmayr Group. They are represented as part of an integrated management system and successively certified according to ISO 45001.

Every employee at all sites has access to the occupational health service with a designated company doctor.



On the road - the largest employee group focus on

As one of the largest vehicle logistics companies in Europe, Hödlmayr is consistently committed to making the profession more attractive and places a special focus on driver safety.

Hödlmayr drivers - Pilots on the road

Pilots on the road: “Safety first”

On the one hand, there are ongoing investments in the fleet. For example, the trucks are equipped with safety features such as retarders, reinforced engine dust brakes, predictive cruise control, and distance-keeping and lane-keeping assistants. Hödlmayr has also opted for new standard hoists and thus for the new “Smart Lift” lifting system, which ensures easy loading and unloading. All truck seats are also “comfort seats” with special reinforcements in the backrest and seat surface.

The second central focus of Hödlmayr’s safety package is comprehensive training and ongoing advanced training. The training phase of a Hödlmayr pilot lasts four weeks. In addition, driver training takes place regularly.


Education, training and diversity and equal opportunities

Individual development

As an international family business, Hödlmayr offers its employees a secure environment with versatile development opportunities.

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Actively helping to shape the future

The automotive industry is changing, and mobility is being reinvented. Autonomous driving, car sharing, alternative drive options - profound changes are underway and tomorrow has never been as exciting as it is today. At Hödlmayr, forward-looking topics can be actively shaped on a daily basis.

Equal opportunities

All functions within the Group are available to all persons with appropriate qualifications and experience. Of course, gender and age are obviously irrelevant here.

Digital fitness

At Hödlmayr, it is important to us to continuously harness the potential of digitization. If we do not find the necessary solutions on the market, then we rely on our own developments.

Digitized processes and modern workplaces are still a long way from achieving the much-cited transformation of the work world. It is crucial to actively involve and support employees in digital progress.

CFO Robert Horvath