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Releasing agent for six automotive manufacturers
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Multimodal concepts
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Complete vehicle distribution service
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Vehicle delivery precisely as specified by the customer

Releasing Agent

Hödlmayr international offers a complete releasing agent package in the plant logistics area.

Trained quality inspectors examine the vehicles in accordance with an established checklist. From the point of release at the plant, Hödlmayr International then assumes responsibility for every individual car or truck.


Planning, control and optimisation of the logistical sequences from the end of the production line to the handover to the transport services provider.

Quality inspections, services

Physical acceptance of the vehicle directly at the end of the production line, including an optical and technical appraisal that extends to static and dynamic validation.

Yard management

Systematised, physical vehicle storage and retrieval, regular storage surveillance, reporting, hold management.

Carrier management, forwarding

Planning, supervision, organisation and realisation of transports by truck, train and ship.

Launch management

Project activities - complete logistical handling the market launch of new vehicle models.