Hödlmayr benefits

Flexible working hours, company events and much more

We are constantly investing in an attractive and modern work world with a variety of services. This enables you to design your career path as flexibly and individually as possible.

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1. Onboarding & initial training

Training plans, committed and experienced colleagues as start-up support and a structured onboarding program provide an optimal infrastructure for a successful start.

2. Easy access

Direct, smooth access without traffic jams and free parking

3. Canteen & meal subsidy

Full service with healthy and high-quality meals - also “to go” and always subsidized by Hödlmayr

4. Lifelong learning

Tailored and comprehensive training and further education throughout your entire career.

Hödlmayr has a special strength in and a long tradition of training and development programs for people starting their careers at all levels. As you know, all roads lead to Rome – not only in logistics. At Hödlmayr, diversity is also put to practice in your personal career logistics. Start your own career route, whether from a sound and continuing apprenticeship, the Dual Academy for graduates or a trainee program for graduates of an academic training...there’ s something for everyone starting out on their career.

Get in the driver’s seat of your personal development and start the engine with a program that’s right for you! 

At Hödlmayr, you’ll find many future colleagues with an impressive technical and management career that began with a development program ranging from apprenticeship to the Dual Academy and trainee program. At Hödlmayr, learning and development have true traditions. Get a personal impression of some of your colleagues working at Hödlmayr.

5. Diversity & openness

Enrichment through internationality, diversity and collegiality

6. Flexible work

Full logistics flexibility even when starting off and returning after longer absences.

Flexible working hours and home office options depending on the commute so you can always have a good arrival at Hödlmayr.

Breaks and rest periods are part of life. Whether on return from a family break, parental leave, time off for education and development, a longer healing period or for other reasons: Hödlmayr offers all employees an optimally adapted return to work. Part-time models, flexible time models as well as part-time management positions – to name just a few. We say “welcome back to the home compound!”

7. Celebrate festivals as they happen

Employee events, joint meetings and conferences bring us together.

Networking and exchange across geographical borders, personal contacts with colleagues across the Hödlmayr network and intensification of cooperation are best achieved on personal occasions. This is why Hödlmayr promotes togetherness through international network meetings of the departments as well as interdisciplinary meetings. We not only deliver the contact point, but also ensure a pleasant environment for learning from and with each other.

8. Company doctor & health care

The health of our > people in logistics < is truly important to us. We take many measures to maintain or improve the quality of life and well-being of our employees.

Preparedness studies on various topics, vaccination campaigns and an operational program for health care support and promoting physical well-being.

9. Benefits Workshop services for your own vehicle

Working with a vehicle professional also has advantages for our employees. We also take care of the vehicles of our colleagues. Whether it’s a seasonal tire change or the repair of breakdowns and damage - our employees’ vehicles are also in good hands with us, and with significant discounts.