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Vehicle-related service packages

Hödlmayr International’s technical specialists ensure first class quality standards at all the company’s vehicle logistics centres across Europe. Following finishing in the Hödlmayr International workshops, cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery can be delivered with pinpoint accuracy to retailers, fleet owners and end customers.


  • Illuminated and paved yards (for approx. 75,000 vehicles)
  • 24-hour, security team surveillance
  • Customs compound
  • Refuelling
  • Maintenance of the stored vehicles, e.g. battery charging, protective film checks or oil changes
  • Warehousing for premium class vehicles
  • Automatic reporting of vehicle storage and dispatch via inks to customer IT systems

Vehicle care

  • Depreservation – removal of all types of transport protection (co-polymer, protective film stripping)
  • Preservation – application of protective bodywork coatings, cavity and underseal, and coverage with protective film
  • In- and outside cleaning: vehicle shampooing, engine and boot rabbet, vacuuming, cover and window cleaning, removal of various transport protective covers and stickers, etc.
  • Paint and plastic sealing, rust film removal
  • Paint treatment after prolonged storage, use of cleaning polish

Vehicle engineering

  • Functional and quality checks according to defined standards
  • Optical and technical bodywork and chassis checks, engine diagnoses, brake testing, transmission checks, ...
  • Various technical adjustments, installation of additional equipment, tuning
  • Complete delivery service
  • Test drives

Paint shop / body shop

Any paint and body jobs are possible:

  • Removal of all types of surface damage
  • Repair of deformed body parts
  • Adjustment and fitting of moving body parts (doors and covers, engine hood)
  • Painting of plastic parts
  • Special and design painting
  • Optical tuning through the addition of decorative stripes and spoilers, widening, etc.
  • Sand blasting and industrial painting

A highly modern, computer-aided paint mixing system, correct colour shade blending using computer-aided scales, ongoing teamwork with paint manufacturers and additional, on-the-spot employee training in the company paint shop all serve to guarantee optimum painting results.

Agricultural & construction machinery

  • Driver’s cab assembly, air conditioning installation, fitting of mudguards, trailer couplings, compressed air units, integration of additional control devices, tracking alterations, tyre changes, ...
  • Shovel fitting and other technical retrofits on construction machinery
  • Combine harvester checks in the case of round balers
  • Modifications for individual authorisations
  • Agreed technical checks
  • Typification

Fleet Services

Process-oriented systems and products for vehicle fleets

Within the scope of its commercial fleet services, Hödlmayr offers customised process and system solutions, which employ a modular system and can thus be matched and compiled in accordance with respective customer needs.

Fleet services solutions facilitate the coverage of differing focal points and assignments derived from the various segments of the automotive industry.

The benefits for our customers derive from the outsourcing of time-consuming secondary processes and services, e.g. electronic document storage, neutral inspections, vehicle returns and preparation in buy-back procedures, the securing of ownership rights, status checks, vehicle logistics, vehicle registrations and deregistrations. As a vehicle logistics supplier, Hödlmayr is able to generate the synergies required for activities in the fleet services areas.

For further information please contact:
Jürgen Schwentner, Tel. +43 7262 660*Ext. 2152, juergen.schwentner(at)

Vehicle remarketing

For the resale of second-hand vehicles to the trade, Hödlmayr has developed its Vehicle Integration Programme (VIP), a process-oriented remarketing system:

  • Complete preparations and logistics for vehicle returns: takeover, checks, collection from the customers
  • Vehicle transport to the Hödlmayr logistics centre with subsequent services, e.g. cleaning, vehicle deregistration, vehicle evaluation including pre-damage, optical preparation and repairs according to defined standards, smart repairs – fix&save, etc.
  • Storage
  • Delivery to the buyer or preparation for collection for the buyer

The customer can handle orders via a web-based communications platform, or obtain information regarding the status of the vehicle. Owing to process transparency (remarketing and fleet services), Hödlmayr is able to develop and implement procedural solutions that precisely match customer wishes.


With fix&save, Hödlmayr International offers a range of repair services with which any surface damage (small defects) on the bodywork and vehicle interior can be repaired more quickly and less expensively than is the case with standard repair methods:

  • Dent repairs – the removal of hail damage without painting or body metalworking
  • Paint repairs
  • Plastic and leather repairs
  • Glass repairs