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Fleet Services

Process-oriented systems and products for vehicle fleets

Within the scope of its commercial fleet services, Hödlmayr offers customised process and system solutions, which employ a modular system and can thus be matched and compiled in accordance with respective customer needs.

Fleet services solutions facilitate the coverage of differing focal points and assignments derived from the various segments of the automotive industry.

The benefits for our customers derive from the outsourcing of time-consuming secondary processes and services, e.g. electronic document storage, neutral inspections, vehicle returns and preparation in buy-back procedures, the securing of ownership rights, status checks, vehicle logistics, vehicle registrations and deregistrations. As a vehicle logistics supplier, Hödlmayr is able to generate the synergies required for activities in the fleet services areas.

For further information please contact:
Jürgen Schwentner, Phone +43 7262 660*DW 22210, juergen.schwentner(at)hoedlmayr.com