Multimodal vehicle transport concepts:

truck, rail and ship 

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We optimize the transport flows of our customers on the basis of their individual requirements. This is done by combining truck, rail and ship.

This guarantees the most optimal transport solution in the desired time. Expensive empty runs and waiting times are minimized.

Combined transport: sustainable and flexible

Hödlmayr is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of its own transport fleet for vehicles. We handle international and national vehicle transport with our own trucks as well as by integrating and controlling block trains.

We have an extensive transport and logistics network throughout Europe.


The flexible solution for cars & heavy transport 


Truck bodies adapted for car and minivan transport make it possible to combine mixed loads. This allows the load combinations to be optimized.

To ensure the best possible transport quality, Hödlmayr drivers are regularly trained at the company’s in-house training center.

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High & heavy - No problem!

Hödlmayr has been dedicated the topic of heavy transport since 1973. Specially designed trucks are available for the transport of trucks, construction machinery or agricultural utility vehicles (including tractors or combine harvesters).

It is also possible to transport commercial vehicles on their own axles (vehicle jockeys).

Your benefits:

  • Optimizing the correct distribution of axle loads
  • Tare weight reduction and lighter train structure
  • Increased payload for the customer


H7000 is a body developed by Hödlmayr employees for the transport of heavy trucks with oversized height or weight. The transport of vehicles with excess length or excess width is carried out with the assistance of an accompanying vehicle. Hödlmayr takes over the planning of the optimal transport relation, organizes necessary permits and brings the vehicle reliably to the destination.



Sustainable transport solutions are among the most important issues for our customers along the transport and logistics chains.

For us, sustainability is not just a trendy buzzword, but part of our corporate strategy. For over 10 years, rail transport has been an essential part of our portfolio.

Good to know:

Hödlmayr Rail Logistics GmbH transports more than 250,000 vehicles per year by rail.

For international customers, vehicles are transported to Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Austria, Romania and Italy. The railway line Barcelona (Spain) <> Schwertberg (Austria) has been part of the Hödlmayr logistics network since 2022.

For our customers, we use block trains with double-deck and flat-deck wagons.

For Hödlmayr, further shifting our vehicle transports to rail is an essential part of achieving our goals within the framework of our sustainability strategy, some of which are even more ambitious than those of the EU.

Liudmyla Tarasenko, General Manager Hödlmayr Rail Logistics GmbH



The integration of inland waterway and sea transport with pre-carriage and on-carriage by truck or rail is offered in cooperation with experienced partner companies.

Hödlmayr has inland waterway connections along the Danube in the Ennshafen port and in Györ:

  • Ennshafen: facility for ro-ro loading and unloading, company-owned storage yard with a capacity of 5,000 vehicles
  • Györ-Gönyü : in-house pontoon bridge for vehicle loading and unloading, storage area: 7,600 m²

With the increased integration of waterways into the multimodal vehicle distribution concept, Hödlmayr is contributing to the development of a real and also ecologically sensible alternative to trucks and trains.