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Transport logistics

Hödlmayr international is a leading supplier of own transport fleets for vehicle logistics throughout europe

As a multimodal, vehicle logistics specialist, Hödlmayr combines and optimises the use of every type of transport means. Customers are guaranteed ideal forwarding routes in the desired ratio by means of the intelligent interlinkage of trucks, trains and ships.

International and national vehicle distribution (direct shipment ex-works or entry port to the retailer, or via a logistics centre) takes place using a company truck fleet and in addition the integration and control of complete trains. Moreover, as a result of its own pan-European logistics network, Hödlmayr International is able to offer a full coverage transport and logistics network.

Transport enquiry

Truck transports

Truck superstructures that have been specially adapted for the transport of cars and small vans allow the compilation of mixed loads and thus optimised cargo combinations. Regular courses for Hödlmayr drivers held in the company’s own training centre secure transport quality and at the same time serve as a basis for ongoing improvement.

High & Heavy

Specially designed trucks are available for the transport of trucks, construction machinery, and agricultural vehicles (tractors, harvesters,...). Hödlmayr International also offers the own wheel (vehicle jockey) transport of commercial vehicles.

Technical vehicle design innovations

H7000 truck superstructure - modification of in-house developed transporters for the forwarding of heavy trucks with over-dimensional heights and weights:

  • optimisation of the correct axle load distribution
  • own weight reduction and lighter truck superstructure
  • larger payloads for the customers



The transport of over-long and over-wide vehicles is carried out with the assistance of a support vehicle. Hödlmayr undertakes the planning of the ideal transport ratio, organises the required authorisations and forwards the vehicle reliably to its destination.

Railway transport

Hödlmayr constantly considers alternative transport concepts involving the railways. Block trains with double decks and flat bed wagons are in operation for our customers.

Reference customers
VW Logistics, Daimler, General Motors, Ford, Chevrolet, KIA, Hyundai, Suzuki, ...

Ship transport

The integration of inland waterway and ocean transports with pre- and onward forwarding by truck or train is organised in cooperation with experienced partner companies.

Apart from a sales office in Antwerp, Hödlmayr also has an inland waterway links along the Danube in Ennshafen in Austria and Györ in Hungary.

Ennshafen: possibility for ro-ro loading and unloading, company-owned compound with capacity for 5,000 vehicles

Györ-Gönyü: own pontoon bridge for vehicle loading and unloading, yard area: 7,600 m²

Through the intensified inclusion of waterways in its multimodal vehicle distribution concept, Hödlmayr is contributing to the development of a realistic and ecologically intelligent alternative to road and rail transport.