Why Hödlmayr? Discover the working world of people in logistics

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Originally a small family business, Hödlmayr grew very quickly and developed further internationally through a large network of branches. Despite its size, Hödlmayr has still retained its family atmosphere, collegiality and reliability. This mixture of tradition, team spirit, openness and internationality can be felt everywhere, no matter which Hödlmayr branch or country you are in.

The working world at Hödlmayr is rich in variety and offers something for everyone. If there is a typical Hödlmayr career, it’s the one that starts with one of our many training programs and develops through various professional stages - with a challenging specialist or management position as the crowning achievement. Many colleagues at Hödlmayr have followed the path of professional growth and have been strengthening our joint success for many decades with their individual development.

Discover the working world of people in logistics

What makes our “people in logistics” such a valued part of Hödlmayr and a true “Hödlian” for so long?

Talking brings people together

The logistics experts at Hödlmayr are characterized by a warm, down-to-earth attitude, personal contact, good conversation and handshake quality.

Instead of writing an e-mail, questions are clarified directly in person, even over a cup of coffee.

Never settle for second best!

Comprehensive decisions often require the expertise of the person in charge. In our company, our managers are in personal and direct contact with our colleagues, even if things have to go quickly or become difficult. The open door is not part of our ventilation concept. It’s a serious offer to come in and have a conversation. The hierarchies are just as short as the paths in human and professional terms. Few levels and flat hierarchies make life and work at Hödlmayr much easier, especially through real personal contact to each of our “people in logistics”

When speed is of the essence

Logistics is characterized by the time factor and a fast pace. This is also the case at Hödlmayr. Decisions have to be made quickly and with a view to high quality so that we can successfully put our horsepower on the road for everyone.

Short information paths and clear structures support our decision-making processes. Once a decision has been made - keyword: handshake quality - it is quickly implemented.

Treating each other the way you would like to be treated

Family and team spirit meet cordial down-to-earthness, collegiality and openness. True to the motto “ausg’red is” (“everything has been thoroughly discussed”), consensus and togetherness are paramount. Even though the tone can get a bit rough in logistics when the going gets tough, the working atmosphere only becomes stressful on a case-by-case basis. It’s important to us to always find a mutually acceptable compromise in our cooperation – in the “golden mean”, so to speak.

Appreciating all our “people in logistics” is absolutely key. We are proud of every single Hödlian and wish for a long and successful cooperation.

Where you can get things done

Develop, learn, train and then put it into practice. This is the basis of a long-term and successful career at Hödlmayr. Once your potential is recognized, however, that’s when things really take off. At Hödlmayr, we are prepared and quick to recognize and promote potential early on. Responsibility is then transferred appropriately quickly. This freedom can and should be used for Hödlmayr’s benefit. “The eternal apprentice or graduate?” Definitely not at Hödlmayr. Here the motto is a cordial and down-to-earth “get to work!”