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The company specializes in the entire supply chain - from receiving vehicles from the factory or port of entry to delivering them to the vehicle dealer, fleet owner or private end customer. In addition, the Hödlmayr Group offers its automotive customers various special services for the “refinement” of vehicles.

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Robert Horvath – visionary & financial expert

Since July 2020, Robert Horvath has been contributing his expertise as CFO and Member of the Executive Board to Hödlmayr International AG. In his role, he is responsible for Finance, Controlling, Legal, Human Resources, IT, Purchasing and Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as Marketing & Communications. 

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Andreas Sundl - strategist and logistics expert

Andreas Sundl has been COO and member of the Executive Board of Hödlmayr International AG since July 1, 2021. In his role, Andreas Sundl is responsible for the operational agendas as well as the overall international sales activities.

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Mag. Marlene Forrai
Head of Marketing & Communication