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Sustainability at Hödlmayr

Create awareness. Take responsibility.

Prok. Mag. Markus Formann
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility 


Raising awareness means actively confronting an issue. This requires an overview of the status quo. This includes the calculation of the carbon footprint according to the GHG Protocol, as well as the Sustainability Report according to the GRI standard.

Raising awareness also means being clear about the complex challenges, being realistic without losing passion and the demand for high performance and creativity. 

To eliminate our footprint in the medium to long term, we rely on three basic pillars of CO 2 reduction: AVOID - REDUCE - COMPENSATE . The fact is that alternative drive systems for trucks that are suitable for mass use, or even more available railway lines, cannot be created overnight. This makes it even more important for us to consciously drive forward progress in terms of sustainability, to actively participate in shaping it and to make it comprehensible to all stakeholders.


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“I look forward to a lasting exchange and dialog with you.” - Markus Formann.

Our sustainable development goals

Our sustainability goals


By consistently implementing an effective sustainability strategy, we are committed to the objectives of the European Green Deal. As pioneers, we set out to surpass them.

In addition, we actively take into account the expectations of our stakeholders. These include customers, employees, owners, banks, insurance companies, suppliers, authorities and residents.


Our goals at a glance


A unilateral commitment to climate protection, without including the economic and social aspects, does not meet the principles of sustainability as Hödlmayr understands them.

The focus is on bringing together all aspects relevant in this context - economy, ecology and social issues - because sustainable development is only possible with a holistic approach.

Our topics

Our priorities

With the help of various methodological approaches, such as the materiality analysis according to GRI standards and SDG mapping, materiality was assessed from different perspectives. From this, 12 central topics were finally identified for the Hödlmayr Group.

In parallel, the direct link between the main thematic areas and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has become clear.

Climate & resources

Economic growth, sustainable impact

Improving the work world