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Hödlmayr is aware of its responsibility for climate protection. Most CO 2 emissions in vehicle logistics are caused by the high energy and resource requirements. The ultimate goal is: significant and continuous reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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For the second time (2018 & 2021), the “CCFP - Corporate Carbon Footprint” was calculated for the entire company. However, as the company has opted for an extension of the balance sheet boundaries, the comparability of the two reports, as mentioned above, is limited.

All relevant greenhouse gases were included; emission factors from the Austrian Federal Environment Agency, DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and information from energy suppliers were used to determine the CO2 equivalents.

The three emission categories according to the GHG Protocol were used as the basis for calculating company-related greenhouse gas emissions. These areas are referred to as “scopes”.

Footprint according to GHG protocol
Footprint according to GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol
kilograms of CO2 per transported vehicle
Our activities & measures

Our ambition. Our activities.

Low-emission car transport

State-of-the-art engine technology, track & trace systems, optimum tire pressure, load factor optimizations, regular eco-training for the drivers as well as well-thought-out intralogistics are key success factors here.

Hydrogen instead of diesel

Hödlmayr plans to operate its trucks with hydrogen fuel cells within the next few years. The investment volume for these vehicles amounts to several million euros. Hödlmayr is also working with a major mineral oil company on using green hydrogen as a fuel for commercial electromobility in heavy traffic.

Investing in platooning

As a vehicle logistics company, Hödlmayr has been committed for many years to continuously and, above all, actively promoting the reduction of fuel and carbon dioxide. One of the reasons why Hödlmayr has a 15 percent stake in Digitrans GmbH. The slipstream effect in platooning offers great potential here. This new technology will enable fuel savings of up to 15 percent. This was calculated in extensive wind tunnel simulations. A new milestone is expected in 2022, with the real test operation of an autonomous truck.

Focus on rail expansion

As a multimodal vehicle logistics specialist, Hödlmayr combines and optimizes the use of all means of transport. The Group has 20 full-service train systems, and eight locations have their own railway connections. It is important to convince customers of the added value of rail with innovative concentric rail concepts.

Investing in photovoltaic and thermal refurbishment

In 2021, 3,888 solar panels were installed at the headquarters in Schwertberg. The use of solar energy can save around 1,000 tons of CO 2 per year.

In addition, the Hödlmayr Group has two hydroelectric power plants and 20 charging stations for electric cars at its Schwertberg site.

The Belgian subsidiary in Tongeren has also installed a solar thermal system for many years, supplying 1,200 households. The review of other relevant locations is ongoing.

Our appeal

Our appeal

» Perfecting what already exists often requires customer acceptance. The example of “increasing load factor and environmental kilometers” should be mentioned in this context, since complete loads sometimes result in longer run times.

 » Focusing the mobility solution exclusively on electromobility clearly falls short. In the truck sector, hydrogen is currently regarded as the most promising variant. Appropriate funding is therefore also indispensable in this context. Moreover, from today’s perspective, the supply of vehicles with fuel cell technology will remain very limited in the medium term. In this area, we are dependent on the manufacturers.

 » An efficient transport infrastructure is a prerequisite for an increased shift from road to rail. This is where Hödlmayr sees a lot of catching up to do.


As an international, automotive full-service provider, we are pleased to take further steps towards sustainable mobility together with our customers. We’re expanding our portfolio and offering our customers our longstanding expertise and support. We are also very pleased that sustainable concepts are becoming increasingly important in automotive transport logistics.

COO Andreas Sundl