Whistleblower system of the Hödlmayr group

Compliance with laws, rules and internal regulations is a top priority at HÖDLMAYR. Only if we act in accordance with the law and with integrity we can protect our company, our employees and our business partners. The whistleblower system has been installed for receiving concrete indications of potential misconduct by HÖDLMAYR employees.

You have the possibility to report grievances and misconduct of our employees, of which you become aware in the course of your professional activities, to the Compliance Officer by letter, e-mail, telephone or in person.

We review every report and follow it up consistently. A key pillar of the whistleblower system is the principle of a fair process. We also guarantee the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers, those affected and the employees involved in clarifying the information. The whistleblower is not subject to reprisals or other adverse consequences. For those affected, the presumption of innocence applies until the violation is proven. 

In order to process cases and, if necessary, initiate appropriate investigative measures, it is often necessary to exchange information with the whistleblower. It is therefore important that the tip is formulated as concretely as possible. It is helpful if you consider the five W-questions when making a report:

Who? - Who is it about? Who is affected?
What? - What has happened? Description of the facts.
When? - When was the incident?
How? - How often did it happen?
Where? - Where did the incident occur?

Whistleblowers should make sure that the descriptions can also be understood by people outside their field. For this purpose, it is helpful if they are available for further questions. 

HÖDLMAYR Compliance Officer
MMag. Andreas Hamberger

Hödlmayr International AG
A-4311 Schwertberg, Aisting 33
Phone: + +43 (0) 7262-660-11710
e-mail: hia.ccm@hoedlmayr.com