Truck driver at Hödlmayr:
Pilots on the road

people in logistics

They are the decisive success factor for us and our connection between the internal Hödlmayr departments and our customers. As a professional, you not only put the horsepower of your expertise on the road, but also the highly diverse vehicles of our customers.

The expert loading and unloading of sensitive and valuable new and used vehicles is one of the special skills of our Hödlmayr drivers. In the process, you’ll be one of the first people ever to be allowed to take a seat in the fascinating world of vehicles. Behind the wheel and in the cockpit of one of the world’s leading brands, mostly only known from brochures or films, and feeling the strengths of a truck that has just come off the production line, experiencing the fascination of a wide variety of large-format special vehicles. As an automobile enthusiast, you’ll find what you’re looking for with us. As our professional in direct contact with our customers, you’ll soon be able to point to a wide range of experience with different vehicles.

All development measures at a glance: 

  • Driver’s Academy
  • Driver training
  • Technical training (loading, hydraulics, safety, etc.)
  • English course
  • Development options in driver coordination or driver training


To ensure first-hand help for our professionals on the road, Hödlmayr invests in its own driver trainers at every location, who devote 100% of their working time to supporting the drivers in their daily activities and thus improving quality and occupational safety. The basis for working as a Hödlmayr driver is a 4-week basic training course, in which drivers are trained both theoretically and practically in-house. In addition, there are ongoing training sessions on occupational topics, such as vehicle and cargo securing or eco-driving.

Christian Wansch

Christian Wansch has been with Hödlmayr since August 1990. He started with an apprenticeship as a professional driver.

The highlight of this lesson was that you were already allowed to drive a truck with an accompanying person in the 2nd year of the apprenticeship. After a few years as a truck driver, I completed the test as an apprentice trainer in order to be able to accompany the apprentices on the journey. In total, this was about 80 apprentices, of whom I had the pleasure of accompanying 40-50. I also trained the new drivers – the “profession” of driver coach did not exist at that time.

Christian Wansch
Teamleiter Fahrerbetreuung

After successfully completing his apprenticeship as a “forwarding agent”, he moved to the field of driver support as a team leader. In 2021, Christian passed the qualification examination for the freight transport industry and is also the transport manager and managing director for transport under trade law at Hödlmayr Logistics GmbH: “Working with drivers is always very exciting. Every day a new challenge awaits us.”