Hödlmayr tanks CO2-neutral diesel in Schwertberg

| Technology & Sustainability

We are taking another step towards reducing our CO2 emissions. Since April, our trucks in Schwertberg are refueling with CO2-neutral diesel. We have contractually secured a quota of at least 1.62 million liters (54 tankers) until the end of 2023. This is a higher quantity than the demand of all our Austrian and German trucks or in other words about 10 % of our total annual diesel demand

The diesel used consists of 33 % biofuel (FAME and HVO). The remaining 67 % are completely neutralized by certified climate protection projects.



As stated in our Sustainability Report 2021, we have very ambitious targets for reducing our CO2 emissions. The most important measures and effects will be achieved by significantly increasing the share of our rail transports and by using trucks powered by renewable energy sources (green electricity, green hydrogen). Photovoltaic systems on our compounds will also contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.


Short - medium - long-term actions

Due to availability constraints and the fact that it takes time to build up necessary infrastructure, an immediate shift is not possible. Battery-electric trucks or trucks with fuel cells will not be available for our area of application before 2027. Only then can we gradually begin to replace our current 600 diesel trucks. By 2040, 90 % of our trucks should be on the road with alternative drive systems.

As we do not want to remain inactive, we are also relying on compensatory measures to achieve our sustainability targets in addition to our other activities.