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Did you know that Hödlmayr International

possesses storage capacity with a total area of approximately 200 pitches?

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Did you know that Hödlmayr International

employees speak more than 25 languages?

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Did you know that Hödlmayr International

has already transported 115,000 vehicles by rail?

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Did you know that Hödlmayr International

generates electricity using its own hydropower plants and photovoltaic systems?

Hödlmayr News

Environmental Forum thanks Hödlmayr

The Austrian Starter Battery Environmental Forum (UFS) has awarded Hödlmayr Logistics GmbH a certificate of gratitude for its collection of used vehicle batteries and has thus honoured the company’s valuable contribution…

Awarding of the "Goldene Giebelkreuz" to KommR Johannes Hödlmayr

CEO, Johannes Hödlmayr, recently received the “Golden Gable Cross” award from the Upper Austrian Raiffeisenlandesbank. This honour, which is presented annually for outstanding achievements, is intended as an expression…

The Hödlmayr Classic Car Center receives a coveted award

The Hödlmayr Classic Car Center recently again convinced the international jury of the “Concours d’Elégance” at the global Techno-Classica trade fair in Essen and this time captured a prize with a Bugatti EB 110…

“A journey into the future” in Silicon Valley

Mobility is regarded as the trend of the future. There is also talk of disruption and a new age of multi-mobility. Numerous experiments are under way with the aim of always being one step ahead, as exemplified…

“Pilots of the Road” in action for Hödlmayr

Just recently, Zaneta Fülöpová took up the special challenges presented by Hödlmayr High & Heavy and is now enthusiastically steering one of the company’s specially developed juggernauts.

Hödlmayr included in the 2018 CSR Year Book

Over time, the holistic sustainability concept, “Go Green – Go Hödlmayr”, has evolved into the company credo and has already been awarded the coveted Hermes Logistics Price in the sustainability category. Accordingly,…

What’s the world of Hödlmayr really like? It’s easy to find out with the new VR simulator!

The “Login” exhibition area, which has been specially created at company headquarters in Schwertberg, attempts to offer a first hand experience of the world of Hödlmayr. This is now much simpler thanks to a fresh…