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Did you know that Hödlmayr International

possesses storage capacity with a total area of approximately 200 pitches?

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Did you know that Hödlmayr International

employees speak more than 25 languages?

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Did you know that Hödlmayr International

has already transported 115,000 vehicles by rail?

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Did you know that Hödlmayr International

generates electricity using its own hydropower plants and photovoltaic systems?

Hödlmayr News

New rail traffic for Hödlmayr

Hödlmayr has always focused on logistics solutions that ensure a smooth transfer and at the same time meet climate targets. Therefore the Hödlmayr Group continuously invests in rail transport.

Hödlmayr sets direction for the future: Changes in the board of management and the supervisory board

We are setting the course for the future management of our company and the challenges in a changing market. After an intense one-year preparation phase, there are personnel changes in both the management board and the…

The climatic advantages of e-cars have increased considerably 

According to a new study by the Swedish environmental research institute, IVL, the production of batteries for e-cars now involves far fewer climate-damaging gas emissions than was previously widely assumed.

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Hödlmayr offers additional storage space

The current COVID-19 situation poses great challenges for politics, the economy and society, but also for our customers and partners.

Let’s keep in touch and stay healthy.

Our teams all around the globe are available from Monday until Friday in order to continue all ongoing projects and to inform you about the current situation. We will do our best to fulfill all clients', partners' and…

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Happy Easter and stay healthy!

2020 turned out to be different than we had expected. However, we are convinced that COVID-19 will bring many new opportunities and positive changes.

We have always stuck together – Now it matters again.

66 year ago we started out as a small family business and have grown to what we are today. Now another major crisis demands our united efforts.