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Automotive Trends

Fine dust eradicators instead of driving bans?

The topic of clean air in urban centres is currently the object of particularly intensive debate among researchers. For example, a mobile suction unit should be installed in streets subject to emissions and threatened by...

An alternative to rubber from the tropics?

The white organic milk in dandelions is sticky because it contains rubber. A German tyre producer wishes to put this good use and in future obtain natural rubber from dandelion roots rather than tapping it from tropical...

E-cars earn cash

Ever since the talk of an extensive spread of e-cars began, it has been accompanied by a recurring vision. This foresees the e-car as part of an intelligent electricity network, which by means of so-called...

Individual car ownership is still the first choice

According to the 2019 DAT* Report some three-quarters of all used car buyers and over two-thirds of all new vehicle purchasers can still not imagine organising their individual driving mobility employing models such as...

Range is the greatest obstacle to e-car purchases

Last year, high prices no longer represented the main reason for the reticence of purchasers of new vehicles with regard to e-cars. In a representative survey carried out by the German Automobile Trust (DAT), 60 per cent...

“On demand functions” have a lucrative future

In future, additional, chargeable digital services in cars could become an important source of income for automotive manufacturers. Because as a survey from the Q-Perior consultancy indicates, not only younger drivers...

3D monitoring of vehicle interiors

Due first and foremost to autonomous mobility, a wide range of new technologies now requires development. One example is a special 3D sensor system for vehicle interiors, which is intended to recognise and classify the...