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Automotive Trends

3D monitoring of vehicle interiors

Due first and foremost to autonomous mobility, a wide range of new technologies now requires development. One example is a special 3D sensor system for vehicle interiors, which is intended to recognise and classify the...

A DLR study reports that petrol and diesel engines still have a future

In spite of the discussion concerning driving bans on diesel-fuelled cars and trucks, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) estimates that in 2040 more than two-thirds of all vehicles in Germany will still have a combustion...

Synthetic sound for e-cars

E-cars are dangerously quiet and therefore in future must be noisier. From July 2019, the installation of an acoustic vehicle alert system will be obligatory in the EU for all newly developed e- and hybrid cars.

The transparent A-column

A-columns, which in vehicles form the supportive link between the bulkhead and roof, are sometimes extremely bulky and thus cause a reduced field of vision. However, a German automotive subsupplier now intends to...

Self-drive cars with visual contact

A British automotive manufacturer is testing self-drive cars fitted with “virtual eyes”. Cognitive psychologists should then provide valuable information regarding the degree to which the behaviour of such vehicles...

A solid-state battery breakthrough is imminent

Solid-state batteries for e-cars are regarded as being especially safe and durable, but unfortunately charge up extremely slowly. However, scientists at the Jülich Research Centre have now developed a version that should...

Diess criticises the car crusade

The head of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess, sees daunting challenges ahead for the German automotive manufacturers. For example, the trade war between the USA and China, the world’s two largest economic powers, continues to...