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Automotive Trends

Self-drive cars with visual contact

A British automotive manufacturer is testing self-drive cars fitted with “virtual eyes”. Cognitive psychologists should then provide valuable information regarding the degree to which the behaviour of such vehicles...

A solid-state battery breakthrough is imminent

Solid-state batteries for e-cars are regarded as being especially safe and durable, but unfortunately charge up extremely slowly. However, scientists at the Jülich Research Centre have now developed a version that should...

Diess criticises the car crusade

The head of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess, sees daunting challenges ahead for the German automotive manufacturers. For example, the trade war between the USA and China, the world’s two largest economic powers, continues to...

The percentage of e-cars in Germany should be set to grow

The share of e-cars in the German automotive market remains low in the single-digit percentage range (2%). However, if the “Energy Transition Barometer 2018” of the KfW Bank is correct, e-mobility in Germany is soon to...

Test area to be established for cross-border, automated driving

In order to test automated, networked driving on a cross-border basis, it is planned to create a digital testing area between Germany, France and Luxembourg by the end of 2019. This is necessary because as the Transport...

New high-tech headlights may be about to enter serial production

Car headlights will soon be able to do more than merely light up the road ahead. In future, they will also provide drivers with information projected onto the tarmac in HD quality in order to assist vehicle steering.

Robotic charging for e-cars

Anyone who has had to recharge his or her e-car in the pouring rain and has been faced with the challenge of plugging the supplied cable into the charging station is sure to know that this can be a trying process....