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Automotive Trends

Crash test: e-cars neither burn more intensively, nor more often

In the course of a joint traffic accident research project between Dekra and Göttingen University, the staff at the crash centre destroyed a fully charged e-vehicle in an extreme scenario involving a frontal and lateral…

The younger generation sees car ownership in a positive light

The so-called millennial generation has a more positive attitude towards car ownership than is generally assumed. According to a study from the international consultants, Duff & Phelps, 79 per cent of young people in the…

Researchers reduce the platinum content of fuel cells

In the long term, great hopes rest on fuel cell technology with regard to clean mobility because hydrogen powered vehicles merely emit water vapour instead of climate-damaging carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, at the same…

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Are paper cars soon to arrive?

For quite a considerable period, a large amount of steel and some plastic have represented the materials from which automotive dreams have largely been made. And although in the meantime, manufacturers also employ…

The performance of head-up-displays is improving steadily

Car manufacturers are working on head-up-displays with 3D technology. Above all, a depth effect should help to reduce driver reaction time in the case of warnings. For as opposed to standard solutions, information from…

Home hydrogen filling stations

Apart from batteries, the hydrogen fuel cell is seen as a key technology for pollution-free mobility, but to date hydrogen filling stations are in short supply. For example, at the moment there are only around ninety in…

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Improved air quality measurement data

Air quality in towns and cities is traditionally established by means of permanent measurement stations. However, these are only able to prepare a rigid matrix composed of certain points. Accordingly, with the aid of…