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Automotive Trends

Safer in your own car

According to a study, the car could emerge as a winner from the Corona crisis. Many people feel at unease travelling by public transportation because of the risk of an infection. A study by the Institute for Transport…

Production impact of COVID-19 on the European auto industry

The ACEA aggregated data to form an interactive map showing the impact of the coronavirus / COVID-19 crisis on the production of motor vehicles for each of the 27 EU member states plus the UK.

Buyers are ready to spend more on environment-friendly cars

A far greater number of consumers are now willing to spend more on environment-friendly cars than was the case to date. Indeed, according to the 2020 DAT report, at present over two-thirds of new car purchasers (68 per…

Car Purchase: Forbearance is not acquittance.

After the deadlock due to the Corona crisis, the car manufacturers want to gradually return to normal. After positive signals from China, locations in Europe want to kick-off production again.

Crash test: e-cars neither burn more intensively, nor more often

In the course of a joint traffic accident research project between Dekra and Göttingen University, the staff at the crash centre destroyed a fully charged e-vehicle in an extreme scenario involving a frontal and lateral…

The younger generation sees car ownership in a positive light

The so-called millennial generation has a more positive attitude towards car ownership than is generally assumed. According to a study from the international consultants, Duff & Phelps, 79 per cent of young people in the…

Researchers reduce the platinum content of fuel cells

In the long term, great hopes rest on fuel cell technology with regard to clean mobility because hydrogen powered vehicles merely emit water vapour instead of climate-damaging carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, at the same…