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Automotive Trends

Improved air quality measurement data

Air quality in towns and cities is traditionally established by means of permanent measurement stations. However, these are only able to prepare a rigid matrix composed of certain points. Accordingly, with the aid of...

Research project for the shortening of lengthy charging times

At present, extended charging times are frequently seen as an obstacle to the sale of e-cars. Accordingly, the ongoing “structure.e” project has the objective of altering this situation by cutting the time required for...

Hödlmayr Automotiive Trends

E-car batteries as CO2 killers

CO2 is emitted both during the winning of the raw materials needed for battery production and the manufacturing process itself. Consequently, e-cars start life with an ecological rucksack that is first compensated for...

Cars may soon spot a bad mood

The tiredness monitoring technology that is currently available represents only a first step, as in future cars will also be able to register the prevailing mood of their occupants. A leading manufacturer is working on a...

smileys_credit_jochen lübke

Roadworks’ smileys and their effect

In statistical terms, the accident risk in the vicinity of roadworks on major highways is particularly great. The German federal state of Sachsen-Anhalt therefore decided to undertake an initial analysis of the effects...

Fotolia Elektro Auto

The e-car climate balance and the “Swedish study myth”

E-mobility opponents have always known what a study by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL) apparently confirmed. Namely, that the production of an e-car battery causes more than 17 t of CO2. The only...

Safeguarding networked cars against hackers

For many people the idea that the brakes or steering in their increasingly automated cars could come under the control of third parties is a nightmare. However, is this nightmare actually feasible? Basically yes, but in...