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Automotive Trends

Fotolia Elektro Auto

The e-car climate balance and the “Swedish study myth”

E-mobility opponents have always known what a study by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL) apparently confirmed. Namely, that the production of an e-car battery causes more than 17 t of CO2. The only...

Safeguarding networked cars against hackers

For many people the idea that the brakes or steering in their increasingly automated cars could come under the control of third parties is a nightmare. However, is this nightmare actually feasible? Basically yes, but in...

Space mapping should revolutionise autonomous driving

In order to function perfectly, autonomous vehicles must be able to constantly check the data from their sensors with HD maps. However, at present HD maps only cover less than one per cent of the global road network and...

The driving direction will be projected onto the road

As we already reported in December 2018, a British car manufacturer is testing self-drive cars fitted with “virtual eyes”. In the meantime, the vehicle has been developed further with a system that projects the driving...

Hydrogen from salt water

A McKinsey study forecasts significant potential for hydrogen as a climate-friendly energy source. It predicts that by 2050 the gas could account for some 18 per cent of global energy needs and thus make a major...

Fine dust eradicators instead of driving bans?

The topic of clean air in urban centres is currently the object of particularly intensive debate among researchers. For example, a mobile suction unit should be installed in streets subject to emissions and threatened by...

An alternative to rubber from the tropics?

The white organic milk in dandelions is sticky because it contains rubber. A German tyre producer wishes to put this good use and in future obtain natural rubber from dandelion roots rather than tapping it from tropical...