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Hödlmayr sets direction for the future: Changes in the board of management and the supervisory board

We are setting the course for the future management of our company and the challenges in a changing market. After an intense one-year preparation phase, there are personnel changes in both the management board and the supervisory board.

The former CEO, Johannes Hödlmayr has left the operational board. He takes over the chair of the supervisory board from his sister, Christine Hödlmayr-Gammer. Ms. Hödlmayr-Gammer leaves the company's supervisory board.

Wolfgang Niessner changes from the supervisory to the management board. The former CEO of the logistics group Gebrüder Weiss will oversee Johannes Hödlmayr's previous area of ​​responsibility as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for one year. His supervisory board mandate was suspended.

An additional new board member, Robert Horvath is responsible for the areas of finance, human resources, law, IT, quality management and purchasing in the role of CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Mr. Horvath last worked for Rübig GmbH in Wels for fourteen years.

Martin Wilflingseder remains COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the company.

“During the past year, we have been working intensively on the composition of our management bodies within the company. I think we have now found a solution with which we are well equipped for future market challenges”, emphasizes Johannes Hödlmayr. “I will of course continue to be actively involved in the development of Hödlmayr. However, I will work more "on" the company than "in" the company - I think this is also necessary in view of the emerging changes.”