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Hödlmayr Hungária Logistics: A 25-year success story

In 1990 the first Hödlmayr subsidiary was founded in Győr (Hungary) outside the German speaking region – a forward-looking decision for the whole group. Meanwhile the daughter company has advanced from a sole vehicle logistician to an automotive and mobility expert and generates a considerable proportion of the group’s total turnover.

The offered service range does long not only include vehicle transportation via truck, rail or ship. For several renowned car manufactures in Hungary the company is responsible as releasing agent for the quality control at the end of the production line. But also repairs on the car body, paint work and vehicle conversion are done by the Hödlmayr professionals.

Due to the 25th anniversary Hödlmayr Hungária Logistics hold a huge festival for employees and customers. As one of the biggest employers in the region the subsidiary received an award by the city Györ.