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Hödlmayr Belgium celebrating 30 years in business

The year 2020 marks the 30 Year Anniversary of Hödlmayr Belgium Logistics.

In 1990 one major opportunity arose, owing to the fact that the largest vehicle forwarding company in Belgium, HN Autotransport NV, was no longer in a position to accommodate the required investments and resources for the development of the new technologies required for the healthy market expansion. On March 5, 1990, Hödlmayr took over the company in its entirety and thus gained a foothold in the European Union. Moreover, with its proximity to the most important trading ports in Belgium and the Netherlands, the location in Tongeren was also ideal from a strategic viewpoint. Hödlmayr immediately invests on a big scale. As a result, only two years after the merger, the Belgian enterprise employed a workforce of over 200 and had more than 100 modern vehicle transporters in both local and long-distance operations. Hödlmayr Logistics Belgium has a capacity of 9.500 parking spaces and an average utilization rate of over 70 %. Half of the main site, 66.000 m², is covered with solar panels. The solar panel park contributes to a greener environment, providing green energy to more than 1.200 families in the region. The subsidiary closed 2019 with a turnover of 47 million euros.  With 2020, Belgium will continue gaining ground in the used car market.