Hödlmayr International – Information on the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are in an extraordinary and most challenging situation worldwide. Political leaders have therefore defined comprehensive measures to contain the Corona crisis, which undoubtedly restrict both private and professional life. Heeding these precaution measures is essential.

This development has obvious consequences for our company and the long-term outcome cannot be predicted from today's perspective. Freight transport in Europe is currently being maintained, but freight volumes have decreased significantly. Transport is currently more difficult due to restricted access to ports, restrictions in international rail traffic and long waiting times at the border. Hödlmayr will of course - as far as this is possible - meet its obligations to customers and thus making their contribution to maintaining production and supply chains. We are constantly in close contact with our clients.

At the same time, we want to keep the risk for our employees as low as possible. We have taken extensive preventive measures to protect employees. Based on current information, there has been no case of coronavirus infection within the Hödlmayr organization. Individual administrative tasks are being fulfilled at home ("home office"). This method will be sustained as long as required.The accessibility for our customers will not be limited by these measures. However, it may take longer than usual to communicate or deal with inquiries. The Hödlmayr management team is in constant communication with the employees in order to evaluate the current situation and to react quickly. As an internationally operating corporate group, we have adapted the measures to the local requirements of the respective state. You can find current information on regional developments here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/health/coronavirus-response/eu-eea-and-uk_en

Based on the current state of affairs, it can be assumed that this exceptional situation will likely remain for some time. We will inform you about all developments in our company in the news section of our website.


We wish you good health and a lot of strength to deal with this crisis!

The board of Hödlmayr International AG
Johannes Hödlmayr, Andreas Schilde, Martin Wilflingseder

Please listen to the recommendations for action and protect yourself and others.

Protection against the coronavirus (COVID-19)
• Wash your hands! Clean your hands on a regular basis with soap or disinfectant!
• Keep your distance! Stand 1 metre away from a visibly symptomatic person!
• Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth! Hands can store viruses and can spread the virus on the face!
• Pay attention to respiratory hygiene! Cough and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. Throw it into a bin and wash your hands!