Hödlmayr News


The vehicle logistics experts at Hödlmayr are continually pushing ahead with strategies for new business fields. For example, Hödlmayr Urban Logistics at the Vienna site will now be closely cooperating with Onlinecars. The automotive experts from Mühlviertel thus become the exclusive service partner for Austria’s largest second-hand car dealer in the Vienna region.

The comprehensive cooperation agreement will come into force as early as 2022. From this point on, Onlinecars will be provided with parking spaces at Hödlmayr Urban Logistics. However, the range of services goes far beyond these retail spaces. “Among other things, we are responsible for the exterior and interior cleaning, the preparation, and the legally prescribed check of the vehicles”, explains Andreas Sundl (Managing Director). Underbody sealing as well as smart and spot repairs for minor paint damage are also the responsibility of the Hödlmayr experts. Hödlmayr also contributes to the best possible presentation of the vehicles on the web with professional 360° photographs.

The cooperation agreement is concluded for several years. In total, more than 3,000 second-hand cars are to be processed annually in the course of the cooperation. “I think we are taking an important first step at the new Vienna location. We will continue to work on inner-city mobility concepts ranging from the infrastructure for alternative drive technologies to special offers for car sharing and fleet providers”, emphasises Sundl.