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HERMES.Wirtschafts.Preis 2020: Hödlmayr promotes "safety first"

Hödlmayr International AG received the HERMES.Wirtschafts.Preis 2020 in the “Security” category at the “Austrian Transport and Logistics Industry” gala night. The award ceremony took place on Friday, October 9th in the Vienna Hofburg.

Safety is a holistic topic within the Hödlmayr Group. Especially the loading and unloading of the special vehicle transporters is a complex task that requires a specific knowledge and special care. The premise is therefore: Consistently improve. The Hödlmayr pilots of the road are at the center of all efforts.

Commitment within the industry

As a major European player, the Hödlmayr Groupconsideres it as important to advocate high safety standards within the industry and to actively shape necessary improvements. Since two years, the company has been involved in two working groups on the subject of "Health & Safety" at the ECG (Association of European Vehicle Logistics).

The interplay of different measures led to a reduction of up to 30 % in work-related accidents last year. The following results were published within the ECG: One output is a up-to-date manual that illuminates safety with regard to the entire loading and unloading process and serves as a clear recommendation for the industry. The models of well-known car transport manufacturers are examined more closely with a risk assessment form. The aim is to identify possible risk areas on the truck using standardized procedures and to forward them to the manufacturer.


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