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Applicant data protection management

Person-related and sensitive data

The information entered by you into the online job application form on our homepage and in particular your name, address, date of birth, academic title, telephone number, e-mail address, school and university qualifications (“personal data”), as well as documents such as a curriculum vitae, letters, certificates, applicant photo, etc. that you uploaded, will all be dealt with in line with the stipulations contained in REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).  

We wish to inform you that it is unnecessary to make known other sensitive information in the course of your application (data concerning racial and ethnic origins, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trades union memberships, health or sexual life). Should you volunteer such unrequested information, we shall also be permitted to store it for the purpose of handling your application. In addition, your data will be processed in pooled and anonymous form for statistical purposes and be thus employed for internal company or scientific surveys.     

The Hödlmayr Group structure and the purpose of data management

 The data made known by you will be electronically processed, stored and transferred within the Hödlmayr Group (please see This serves the purpose of ensuring that your application, which is aimed at possible employment within our concern, can be evaluated efficiently throughout its organisation. This also applies following the conclusion of the application process with regard to entry into our records. Alone the authorised bodies within the Hödlmayr Group are permitted to access this data. The transfer of your data to a third party only takes place with your consent.     

Your data will be treated as strictly confidential and safeguarded against access by unauthorised third parties. The Hödlmayr Group will undertake all economically acceptable efforts to protect your data against loss, unpermitted access and misuse. However, the Hödlmayr Group cannot assume a guarantee against loss or the illegal use of the data.

Consent of the applicant  
As soon as you upload your data via the online application form, you therewith declare your consent to the storage, processing and transfer of your data within the Hödlmayr Group for the purpose of handling your application.

You may withdraw your consent in writing at any time, please find the email adresses here.  

As at: December 2017