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WELCOME - think positively

Team philosophy

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Entrust people and justify the trust placed in you

Team philosophy

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Motivate yourself and others

Team philosophy

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Think and act innovatively

Team philosophy


DI(FH) Robert Horvath, MBA

• b. 1976

• Joined company: 2020

• Member of the Board since 2020


Group functions: 

  • Corporate Marketing & Communication
  • Corporate Controlling, Accounting & Treasury
  • Corporate Human Resources
  • Corporate IT
  • Coporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Legal Affairs & Insurance
  • Corporate Quality Management
  • Corporate Procurement & Fleet

Andreas Sundl

• b. 1967

• Joined company: 2007

• Member of the Board since 2021


Group functions: 

  • Operations & Joint Ventures
  • Corporate International Fleet Management 
  • International Franchising 
  • Logistic Center International 
  • International Sales & Business Development
  • Key Account Management 
  • Group Management Team 


Hödlmayr is a successful, international, family-owned company that supplies perfect automotive logistics.

Hödlmayr family

Mission Statement

  • The creation of value added through loyalty to the company and the allocation of priority to shared rather than individual interests 
  • Respect with regard to resources and the environment
  • Authenticity, openness and honesty in personal dealings
  • Discretion and the careful handling of information
  • The binding character of the common understanding and confidence in the resultant decisions