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What we offer

people in logistics - Hödlmayr relies on the human factor

Result-oriented, cosmopolitan persons possessing entrepreneurial thinking are sure to feel at home in our company. Hödlmayr offers employment openings to apprentices, graduates, drivers and persons with professional experience. 


Owing to the enormous variety of its activities, in particular Hödlmayr offers an optimum start to professional life for young people. Our apprentices are at the heart of our success and are trained to become the specialists and managers of tomorrow. They help to determine the most important company processes on the basis of personal responsibility and a team orientation.

We offer training for the following types of apprentice:

  • Professional truck drivers
  • Office administrators
  • IT technicians
  • Bodywork technicians
  • Automotive technicians
  • Forwarding agents

During their courses, our apprentices also complete additional seminars in the area of personality development, as well as language and PC courses, communications training and specialist further schooling. Following the completion of an apprenticeship at Hödlmayr, a career path is open that can lead all the way to a managing director post...


Once they have completed their theoretical training, Hödlmayr offers graduates from general and vocational higher schools, and universities ideal surroundings in which to find their feet under practical circumstances.

A special highlight for university graduates is the international Hödlmayr Trainee Programme, which has been proven over a lengthy period and has already provided the basis of many successful careers.

Here you can read more about the trainee programme at the international locations.


Our drivers represent our professionals on the roads and with their work they form Hödlmayr’s main core process. Skilled handling, customer-oriented conduct and not least an enjoyment of being on the move are all part of the self-image of Hödlmayr drivers. Apart from mandatory further training, company trainers look after the concrete concerns of the drivers and provide professional support. 

Patrik Hájek, High & Heavy transports, Hödlmayr Logistics CR a.s., Jenec, Czech Republic 

“Wherever we arrive, we are regarded as professionals and made welcome. This is very pleasant and makes us proud.”


Hödlmayr offers experts, specialists and managers with several years of professional experience international opportunities to bring in their specialist and management know-how, and thus contribute to company success. 

Gábor Hajas, Dispatcher, Hödlmayr Hungária Logistics Kft., Hungary: 

”I joined Hödlmayr 23 years ago as an office worker and for almost twenty years I have served as a dispatcher in Györ. It is incredible to witness how a family-owned company has evolved into an international group and in Hungary in particular, during the past twenty years a handful of people and a couple of trucks have turned into 300 employees and a fleet of around 130 vehicles.

What I like most about my job is the variety and my colleagues. As a team, we manage to set a great deal in motion every day."