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HR Development

Our employees represent our greatest potential. Therefore, we are pleased to invest in the basic and further training of our international team. Apart from individual training, Hödlmayr also organises comprehensive offers such as language courses and management training for our managers.

Our future managers are coached within the scope of our Human Resource Development Programme and the International Trainee Programme.


We regard continuous learning and further development as especially significant for the sustained retention of the quality of our activities at the highest level. Therefore, the topic of basic and further training is allocated major importance. No expense or effort is spared for foreign language or Excel training or general instruction (studies, bookkeeping) when this benefits both the employee and Hödlmayr in line with general development. In this connection, we believe that it is vital to take individual needs into account.


In order to ensure that our professionals on the road receive first hand assistance, Hödlmayr invests in its own driver trainers at each of its locations. These trainers devote their entire working time to the support of drivers during their daily activities and thus the improvement of quality and work safety. The foundation for employment as a Hödlmayr driver is formed by a 4-week basic course involving both internal theoretical and practical training. In addition, ongoing instruction is provided regarding topics of professional relevance such as load safety and eco-driving



Apprentice training has long-term traditions at Hödlmayr. Apart from professional schooling, since 2014 a special emphasis has been allotted to the further development of social skills. Accordingly, once a year our apprentices complete a course in this area, which involves topics such as communications. For us, it is important that the youth of today is prepared in optimum fashion for the demands of the professional world and that a basis for long-term teamwork is created. Our apprentice trainers are also provided with continual further coaching.

HR Development Programme

Targeted successor planning, as well as the sustained securing of competent managers within the company, requires personnel development measures that include the use of the internal “goldfish pond”.

For the development of its own young managers, Hödlmayr offers an in-house designed HR Development Programme. In line with the concept of mutual learning and group-wide networking, high-potential Hödlmayr employees complete several joint seminars with specialist and management-relevant content over a period of 18 months. At the same time, internal networking is strengthened by the completion of individual and cross-cultural projects. In addition, every module is held at a different Hödlmayr location, which enables the participants to become acquainted with the entire group.

The main core content of the programme consists of:

  • Team building / cross-cultural management
  • Presentation techniques
  • Project management
  • Leadership basics
  • Business fundamentals

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Impressions of everyday training at Hödlmayr...

Trainee programme

International Trainee Programme (w/m)

We offer…

  • An 18-month trainee programme that provides an excellent basis for the entry into professional life
  • Full integration into a defined department, e.g. Transport/ Logistics, Production, Controlling or Sales
  • An opportunity to become acquainted with all processes and tasks in the respective specialist area
  • The assumption of the responsibility for current projects both in Austria and other countries
  • A posting at one of our branches lasting several months
  • Individual, in-depth further training (e.g. accounting, management coaching)
  • The development of personal and specialist networks and support from experienced managers and the central group HR management (patent system)
  • Top subsequent career possibilities both in Austria and other countries (short- and medium-term)

You provide…

  • A completed university/ “Fachhochschule” degree in economic sciences
  • Focal point studies in, e.g. logistics, production, controlling, …
  • English skills at negotiating level
  • Mobility and a readiness to serve at our international branches
  • High levels of motivation and a career orientation
  • An analytical, solution-oriented working style and assertiveness

Read an interview with a previous trainee and current managin director…

„Ik heet ...“ Michael Geschke

Michael Geschke has been the Managing Director of the two Hödlmayr locations in Belgium and the Netherlands for around a year. But what’s in name? To mark the company’s birthday, the 41-year-old provides a few personal insights.

Anyone who knows Michael Geschke appreciates his positive energy, commitment and drive. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that this cheery native of Berlin spends four days of the week on the move. As the father of two explains: ”At the moment, we are still living in Budapest, but a move to Maastricht is planned in August and then things will be a little simpler.” It is quickly evident that the exuberant colleague is full of dynamism and loves his job: ”I enjoy working a lot and it is fun. I feel part of a family and am never bored. One can contribute at Hödlmayr and bring about active change. One is respected and the colleagues are simply great.”

Professional milestones

Michael Geschke has been working for Hödlmayr for 16 years and together with his team, the hands-on manager has recently achieved a great deal. For example, the successful development of the location in Romania and the furtherance of the rail activities with Dacia number among the milestones of his time as the Romania MD.

A passionate manager and a devoted father

During the week Michael Geschke is part of the extended Hödlmayr family, but at weekends his attention is focused fully on his own. ”Since I have children; my wife and I have a four-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son, I consciously devote more time to my family. I have a very close relationship with my children and it is astonishing to discover how much one can learn from them and what enrichment they bring.” During the small amounts of leisure time that he has left, Michael Geschke likes to meet up with good friends, go cycling or visit musicals with his family.