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The car from the printer

August, 24th, 2015

How much a car pollutes the environment does not only depend on its energy consumption. Also resources needed for the construction are often elaborately produced and require valuable resources. In San Francisco a car was presented with a totally new lightweight structure which could revolutionize the automotive industry: “Blade”.

The entrepreneur Kevin Czinger brought the sensation in a large sports bag to the Solid Conference in California. In the bag were spare parts of the “Blade” chassis: a couple of standardized carbon fiber braces from the aviation industry and a set of aluminum parts in which these braces are put in. In a 3D printing process these nodes are sintered by aluminum powder which is melted by a laser. Within half an hour the parts can be put together and weigh together 46 kilograms. Such a structure can not only be the base for race cars, but also for bigger cars – up to pickup trucks.

Entire load-bearing chassis from the printer

Although there were cars with plastic parts from 3d printers, for Blade the load-bearing chassis was printed layer by layer for the first time.

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Source: Zeit online
Photo: © Divergent Microfactories


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