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Vision health checks in the car

July, 31st, 2015

More than one third (36%) of traffic accidents are caused by medical problems – alcohol and drug driving not included. In addition to that there is the increasingly high drivers’ age. This is reason enough for the car makers to think about early warning systems which warn against driving unfitness.

Some cars already react to noticeable driving or steering behavior with so called “attention assists”. But for the developers this is not enough. Body data need to be generated in order to draw concrete conclusions about the driver’s physical conditions. Current approaches vary greatly from each other. For example if duration and frequency of eye blinks are monitored the driver still has the opportunity to manipulate. Therefore the favorite approach for fitness control is: recording of vital signs like heartbeat, skin temperature and breathing. Data is collected and an ECG like profile is created via sensors integrated in the back rest. This information is transmitted to the car’s data storage and interpreted accordingly.

The most appropriate reaction of the emergency stop system is still being considered. Variants range from simple stops and driving to the roadside to automatic continued driving. Of course at the same time an emergency call can go to the closest deployment location – including cardiovascular data.

Only one thing is certain at this time: this is a mobility trend par excellence. We will keep you informed.

Source: Zeit online
Photo: Andrea Damm  / pixelio.de


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