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Austrian mobility behavior
April 16th, 2015

Forecasts regarding tomorrow’s mobility behavior predict huge changes. But what is the current status of car use in Austria? Is really driven less? How do Austrians see the future of e-cars? A current mobility barometer (VAV Versicherung) provides answers and proves: e-cars and car sharing are no trends in Austria yet.

73 percent of the participants drive by car at least once per week. Persons aged 31 to 60 are leading this group. The car is mainly used for shopping and in free time. Regarding commuting to and from work cars are used significantly less.

Future importance of cars

The question how the importance of the car will development in the next years only 14 percent answered with ”the car gets less important”. More than one half see no changes (56%). After all 27 percent believe that the importance of cars will rise.

Trend scout: e-cars and car sharing

Commercial car sharing services are currently used by only 2 percent – even in Vienna the figure is only 4 percent. A majority of 54 percent cannot imagine using car sharing services.

With regard to e-cars Austrians are not necessarily optimistic. Almost one third states that e-cars will not be successful in private areas. About 43 percent expect a greater battery life.

Tampering with the Hödlmayr Website

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