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Flying to work by car
May, 19th, 2015

We know them from science fiction movies: flying cars floating through the air quietly humming and bringing their passengers fast and traffic-free to their destination. According to the EU and leading engineers this vision should become reality in not too distant future.

Traffic researchers and engineers pursue that idea very seriously. And: The European Commission generously supports the research. Almost 3.5 million Euros are invested in the project “MyCopter” which explores “personal aerial vehicles” (PAV). Its goal: small helicopters with which persons can commute to work and fly over traffic jams. High flyers can be even used in cities over short distances.

”Flying a helicopter still requires a lot of training due to the today’s complex handling,” says Professor Stefan Levedag, Director of the Institute of Flight Systems at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). Therefore DLR developed intuitive helicopter controls similar to passenger cars. With this a helicopter can be controlled by steering wheel, a single lever regulates the flight altitude. So far this kind of control was only tested in the flight simulator. Now it will be installed in a research helicopter. Until the daily commuting with a PAV becomes reality technical as well as legal questions have to be answered.

Source: Spiegel Online


Tampering with the Hödlmayr Website

Recently our homepage www.hoedlmayr.com has been copied and falsified for the presumed purpose of fraud.

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