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Did you know that …
July, 2nd, 2015

... the distance covered by Hödlmayr International AG (since its foundation 60 years ago) can be equated with 5000 times travelling to the moon?

... the total storage area of Hödlmayr corresponds to the size of 210 soccer fields?

... Hödlmayr annualy transports almost every second car in Austria?

... numerically almost one third of all inhabitants of Schwertberg work for the entire Hödlmayr Group?

... Hödlmayr International AG is one of the Top 500 Austrian companies?

Or expressed in hard facts -
currently Hödlmayr key performance indicators:

storage area:
about 1.5 million m2

transported vehicles/year: 1.5 million

number of employees: 1,600

turnover in the last financial year:
220 million Euro


Tampering with the Hödlmayr Website

Recently our homepage www.hoedlmayr.com has been copied and falsified for the presumed purpose of fraud.

Please carefully check the correct spelling of the URL and of our company when visiting our site. Hödlmayr International points out that we do not accept payments for vehicle transactions and we strongly advise against this procedure.